Welcome to Simply Elizabeth!

You may already know me as Elizabeth from Table for Five, my seven year old lifestyle blog, or from my product review blog MomReviews, or even from my rarely updated food blog MomCooks. But the thing is, you don’t really know me. And that’s my fault.

I have a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts, and I spent most of my time in college writing a lot of papers. All those years of learning to structure the perfect sentence and paragraph must have kicked in when I started writing blog posts, because without making a conscious decision, I found that my blog posts took on a somewhat formal structure.

Meaning, I don’t curse on my other blog. I don’t use the words that I really use in real life, especially when I’m pissed off or something is just completely stupid.

I found myself needing a place where I could write without any constrictions, without having to worry about alienating readers or losing advertisers. I needed a place online where I could tell it like it really is, tell the stories of my true life, without worrying about whether or not people will like me for it.

This is my safe place to finally tell the stories of my life. Welcome.


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5 Responses to Welcome to Simply Elizabeth!

  1. The moment heart and head unite as one, that feeling of being true to ourselves steers us on…and so it is methinks you’re finding a way to say yes to your heart this now very day. i’m giddy and overjoyed grateful too beyond…i can’t wait to keep visiting and hearing your overflow of a pond…of ideas and wonder and truth telling inklings…thank you Ms. Liz for your courageous sharings….huggabuggas xoxoxo

  2. I am Nic Steenekamp on FB
    Welcome to the real world.
    Please tell it all.
    It is about fucking time, ain’t it.
    My first late wife learned to realy talk only late in her life, with my help.
    My wife now can tell a story.

  3. Chloe says:

    I look forward to getting to know the real you. This is a big step.

  4. Stacia says:

    This is going to be great! Happy for you that you now have a place where you can vent and say whatever is on your mind, curse words and all! :-)

  5. tanyetta says:

    You’re a beautiful person Elizabeth! :)

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